"Chris Maxwell succinctly uncovers the true spirit of leadership by exploring the way guides adapt and improvise, often under adverse and dangerous conditions, to best serve the safety of the experience and the growth of the individual - natural and servant leadership exposed." - Andrew Muir (Dr.), CEO, Wilderness Foundation Global and Wilderness Foundation Africa.

"A book full of powerful insights from both guides and participants, with valuable lessons about leadership." - Monica L. Pugh, director, Center for Student Leadership, University of Monterrey, Mexico.

"As an executive coach and leadership consultant, just about everything in my work is filtered through my lens of over 30 years spent in the business of guiding others in the wilderness.  Chris Maxwell has thoroughly researched, and eloquently captured, the leadership lessons of others as well as his own, through his extensive experience in the mountains.  Lead Like a Guide will inspire and engage the reader to be a better leader, whether with peers or in the boardroom." - John Kanengieter, director for leadership, National Outdoor Leadership School; principal, Kanengieter Consulting Group; and former mountain guide.

"At last!  In true adventurous style, Chris Maxwell has dared to go where others have not and puts tangible value on the hidden-in-the-shadows and intensely relevant skills that professional guides use every day.  He offers a razor-sharp view through a rarely seen window to explain the tools guides use to help people from all walks of life achieve extraordinary goals in challenging and uncertain circumstances.  Lead Like a Guide offers a well-researched master class for anyone to learn these robust real-time principles, but without the risks (and smelly clothes!)." - Graham Charles, polar expedition leader and outdoor educator.

"The six strengths of a mountain guide identified by Chris Maxwell are useful for any leader or manager of an entrepreneurial enterprise if it is to thrive in conditions of uncertainty.  Anyone who seeks to lead a team, however large or small, can learn from and benefit from applying these strengths to their own way of working." - Nunzio Quacquarelli, managing director, Quacquarelli Symonds Limited (UK).