Peak Performance: Lessons in Leadership from Mountain Guides in Knowledge@Wharton

March 6, 2017

Business leaders could get more from their teams with empowerment and trust-building, notes author Christopher I. Maxwell in his new book. Read the article at

Dr. Chris Maxwell discusses "the Six Leadership Strengths of Mountain Guides" on Knowledge@Wharton business radio (Sirius XM)

February 15, 2017

dr. Chris Maxwell Discusses "Lead Like a Guide" at Boston Scientific Corporation

Minneapolis, MN - May 12, 2016


Article by dr. chris maxwell in chief executive magazine
"What CEOs Can Learn from World-Class Mountain Guides"

September 24, 2016

Expert guides have an amazing capacity to both model and teach leadership in action. Here are 6 key leadership strengths of guides that are vital for top executives in business. Read the article at

guest post by dr. chris maxwell on
"How World-Class Mountain Guides Inspire Young Business Leaders"

September 30, 2016

Together with a remarkable group of expert mountain guides, Christopher Maxwell, author of "Lead Like a Guide: How World-Class Mountain Guides Inspire Us to Be Better Leaders", climbed Wyoming’s Grand Teton and navigated canyons in Utah, explored the wilds of Patagonia, Peru, and Mexico, learned winter survival skills in Quebec, and traversed remote glaciers in Iceland, all with the aim of building leadership and teamwork skills that would be transferable to business. He shares six of those lessons. Read the article at