Three insightful new videos on leadership

LEAD LIKE A GUIDE presents three brief videos featuring internationally-certified mountain guide Christian Santelices.  Christian leads clients on high peaks and trails around the world.  The videos were shot on location in Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  (To view, click on the VIDEO tab).

Face the Danger explains why we need to stay vigilant in both the backcountry and in our professional lives.  When climbing a high peak, guides tell their clients to always face the danger when they reach a belay station or stop for a brief rest - better to face the valley than to make the wrong move and step backwards into trouble.  And so it is in organizations - when trouble looms, face it head on, but don't be mesmerized by the challenge.  Facing the danger gives you the opportunity to figure out the way around it with plenty of time.  Sound leadership advice from an experienced guide.

You're not lost, you're just off-route explains why guides advise their clients to remain calm when traversing unfamiliar terrain.  It's easy to think you're lost, but the chances are good that you're simply off-route.  Stop, check your surroundings, check your map, and take stock of where you are before you continue.  Organizations face the same problem.  Are you lost, or are you just a bit off-route?  It could be time to stop and check in on your organization's map -- mission, vision, values, and feedback from customers and employees.

Don't focus on obstacles  warns us that when we focus on problems, we tend to move towards them.   Problems on the trail or the downhill ski run are best avoided by focusing on opportunities like clear ground and open spaces rather than on the obstacles themselves.  This great advice from guide Christian Santelices aligns nicely with one of the key teachings from Positive Psychology -- "Organizations move in the direction of the questions they ask."  Focus on problems and that's where the organization's energy will go.  Focus and build on what you do well and the organization will  move in that direction.  It's a pretty clear choice.

Christian Santelices is the founder of Aerial Boundaries, a guiding and adventure travel agency based in Victor, Idaho. He is also the creator and operator of Teton Adventure Park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.